CNA Student Application

CNA Training Program - Basic Reading Test

DIRECTIONS: Read the following paragraphs and carefully answer the questions that follow it by CLICKING on the one best answer, either a, b, or c.

The fastest growing segment of the population in the United States is the elderly. The number of long-term health care facilities must increase to meet their needs. Because of medical advances, more people are living to adulthood and old age. Because of the growing number of long-term health care facilities, we are concerned that the elderly receive quality care.

Nursing assistants provide most of the personal care to the elderly residents. A nursing assistant helps in feeding, bathing, and dressing residents, as well as many other daily tasks. The nursing assistant can be the resident's best friend.

When you take a person's temperature, you are measuring body heat. The body produces heat by breaking down food and by exercise. The body loses heat by perspiration and breathing. When the body is working properly, its temperature will fall within the normal range. The normal oral adult temperature range is between 97.6 and 99.6 degrees Fahrenheit as measured by a thermometer.

When a new resident is admitted to a long-term facility, they often feel a great deal of stress. Their families can also feel stress. You can help lessen their stress by being helpful and kind.

There are many ways to be helpful. You should call a resident by their correct name like "Mrs. Smith" and not "sweetie", "honey", or other similar names. Talk slowly and clearly, not rushed. Take time to answer their questions carefully. Encourage them to participate in activities so they can meet people and made to feel at home.

CNA Training Program - Math Test

Directions: Read each question then circle the correct answer. you may use this paper to figure on.

Below are a series of addition and subtraction problems. Place the correct answer under each case.